Services Offered

Inserve Yachts is a well established Superyacht Service provider with a large fleet of  Super-Yachts to whom we proudly provide highly specialised services from Accounting Services to ISM administration to New Build and Refit Support  or even Ownership and Financial services.

Inserve Yachts was recently aquired by our parent company Riela Yachts in the Isle of Man. Despite this change our current clients receive the same excellent service with added product choices to select from. 

Both new & existing clients benefit from new IT initiatives including our Realtime E-SMS which we are rolling out accross our fleet as  and when clients choose to adopt it. 

Here is a short summary of the choices we offer you.

1. ISM / ISPS /MLC Safety and Compliance

  • Digital SMS package
  • E-SMS App  Package
  • Internal Auditing
  • Technical Inspections and Condition Reports
  • ISPS & MLC administration package
  • Specialised Documentation Support 

2a. Project Support Service for New Build and Refits

  • New Build
  • Survey & Shipyard Service Periods
  • Multi-Faceted Refit projects 
  • Repair and Modifications

     2b. Technical Support Services

  • Technical Consultancy & advisory service
    • Specification agreement content and suitability for purpose

    • Equipment and Machinery compliance.

    • Dock Trial and Sea Trial methodololgy & implimentation

  • Techncial Procurements
    • Machinery and equipment supplies and contractor services.

    • Emergency supply on as needed one off basis

3. Crew Employment Services

  •      Seamans Employment Agreements
  •      Salary requirements
  •      Holiday, Sick Leave and other entitlements 
  •      Specialist requirements

4. Cyber Security Services 

This is a highly specialised service concerned with IT Servers, Network and Software set up and maintenance issues.  One critical aspect of this is Data Security and Protection which we and our clients take extremely seriously. For details on how our In-House Cyber Secuity Team can meet your needs please contact anyone in the team who will guide you to the relevant expert.

    5. Ownership and Financial Services

This highly specialised service dealt with by experts in our Isle of Man office. Please contact out team who will connect you with  the relevant expert. 

6. Family Office Advisory Services

This is another very particular service dealt with by specialists in our Isle of Man team.  Please contact us and we'll connect you with the relevant expert.






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