About Us

A Tailored Personal Service

At Inserve Yachts we believe in nuturing a friendly, highly trained and skilled team of great people who, through knowledge and honest application earn the trust of our clients through the provision of a service tailored to the Captain's needs.  We are not Yacht Managers, that task falls to the Captain and his/her team aboard.  Our raison d'etre is to provide a suite of services from which our Captains can choose what they need when they need it.

A yacht is built to be used by the Owners and their guests for as many days a years as possible.  Clearly yachts need downtime for maintenance, repairs, survey and refit so one aspect of what we offer is to support the on-board management team to sail efficiently through downtime periods thereby maximising in-service time.


How might a relationship start

Our clients may start with a straightforward accounts management package, however once a trusted relationship has build over time they expand into, for instance, Crew Employment Services,  ISM Safety Management Services or Project Support Services.   

Captains and Owners alike tend to retain us for the long-haul and it is also true that when Captains change command or Owners move on to new yachts Inserve Yachts are on-hand to assist with the transition process and onward into Service.


Our Skill Base

Our core business in Southamptom is two fold.

  • I.  Safety and Compliance

ISM Safety Management Systems and ISPS and MLC services.  We have built a very experienced, talented and enthusiastic Safety and Compliance support team of operating out of our Southampton and Isle of Man offices.

  • II. Shipyard Projects and Technical Support Services

This expanded service is brought to market by a dedicated and highly experienced team in Southampton. The team have many years experience planning and executing shipyard projects in collaboration with on-board management teams, shipyards and other stakeholders.

  • Other services and Resources

More information about all the services we offer can be found in the Super-Yacht Services section, but it is worth mentioning here that we have our own in-house IT company as well as an in-house Cyber Security team for more specialised work.   

Everyone in our team whether in one of our offices, on-board or on-site, work through a single highly secure server system.  This clearly makes administration efficient while protecting client and company data  in line with GDPR data compliance requirements.