Service Providers to the Super-Yacht Fleet

Our Service

Inserve Yachts is one arm of the Riela Yachts Group and as a group we specialise in providing well defined service packages to Super and Mega yachts. These services are managed and implimented by knowlegeable and experienced specialists in each sector.  

In the UK office we have branched out into Project Management & Technical Support Services, both are an expansion of our services brought to market by dedicated teams with long-term experience in these highly specialised sectors.

Below is a summary of the primary Services dealt with in the Southampton Office. The wider scope of services offered through both Inserve and Riela Yachts is listed in our Super-Yacht services section. 

  • ISM Management Services. Full & Mini ISM 
    • Internal Auditing & External Audit Support

    • Technical Inspections & Condition reports

  • Electronic-SMS App 

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  • ISPS & MLC packages  
  • Project Management 
  • Technical Support Services 

Compliance Overview

The ever increasing legislative burden on Large Yachts requires intelligent, reliable, robust and secure management and administration tools, added to this the team that manages all compliance activities must be on top of the subject.  Our team is well trained, knowlegeable, highly experienced because it's all they do.


Compliance & Project Management

Compliance issues clearly shape our Safety and Compliance services and clearly overlap into our Project Management and Technical Support sectors.

One benefit of this is that our in-house S&C Managers are on hand to work with project teams on compliance issues which are built into project proposals from and contract meaning they are more easily monitored during works in progress.


Inserve Yachts background

Inserve Yachts have, since 1985, specialised in setting up, implimenting and managing ISM Code Safety Management Systems [Full and Mini ISM] as well as ISPS and MLC services. 

Since its inception in the Mid 80's Inserve Yachts has built and maintained an enviable reputation for excellence in the industry.  This hard earned status is the corner stone on which we, in concert with the Isle on Man , teams put at the forefront of our operation as we head into an exciting future.




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